Cargo Glide 1000 Avalanche and Cadillac EXT

Features and Benefits: for the CG-1000 avalanche/Cadillac ext

Unit shown is with optional 4″ x 4′ side extensions standard sides are 4″

  • Powder coated steel frame welded construction.
  •  6  bearings and sliders for easy smooth action on level or un-level ground
  • 1000 lb. capacity.
  • 70% extension.
  • Installation, Cargo Glide uses a bracket that bolted in using existing bolts to which the Cargo Glide is bolted to the bracket giving a very solid secure install . Unit can be removed in about 10 minutes if needed and re-installed in the same time.
  • Built in height adjusters for installs such as GM pickups that require additional clearance for tailgates.
  • 4″ side rails with T-tie down slots.and 4 T-tie downs
  • Plywood deck, is completely spray coat finished
  • Locking positions every 12″ for safety and convenience.
  • Pre-assembled, for ease of installation. Perfect for end users and light commercial use!